Current state

Lifestyle Change – Grave care and maintenance

The hasty lifestyle, as well as the greater migration of young people, pursuing their studies or work, make us think about who will take care of the “big” graves in the future, clean and maintain them.

- our modular funeral urn system ensures a simpler, faster and financially less demanding maintenance of gravesites

Lack of space

Cemeteries are becoming overcrowded. Finding enough land or suitable places for further grave sites is a serious problem in most cities, towns and villages.

- in cemeteries, we can find and allocate a site to place a modular urn system

Inelegant arrangement of existing graves in cemeteries

Differences in dimensions, shapes and various positions cause visual confusion in cemeteries. Neighbours want to have a “nicer” grave and do not hesitate to use styles that we might call tasteless. Such solutions, looking at most of today’s cemeteries, do not create a sense of harmony.

- modular urn systems ensure aesthetics, functionality and purity of lines

Financial costs

Demands for new grave sites bring the municipalities more costs. It is not just about the lack of space, but also about the need to build a financially demanding infrastructure.

- modular urn systems offer to make use of the existing space at cemeteries, especially economy in the number of graves per m2, as the present ratio is 10:1