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MODU-AL system

The MODU-AL system brings you new possibilities for storing and venerating the cremated remains of your deceased. It offers an aesthetic and dignified solution, which is financially less demanding than the currently used graves and urn walls. It guarantees the effective extension of cemeteries without the need for enormous land plots, which are scarce now.


We are presenting you our MODU-AL system. It is a modular, aesthetic, constructionally and economically advantageous system of storing the remains of the deceased. Nowadays, when there is a shortage of space in cemeteries, this system brings new possibilities within the framework of cemetery architecture.

The implementation of the MODU-AL system is time and financially much less demanding than the complicated concrete construction of columbaria. The modularity of the system makes it possible to create different sizes, additional design options and groupings. Solutions are countless. MODU-AL system is offered in five solutions:


Cremation niche


Urn grave